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Welcome at Glassware Tales!!

Almost everybody around the world uses glassware every day. But most people never think about how these items were actually made, who produces them and what is the story behind the glassware companies?

One of the reasons is that the 'world of glassware' is not very accessible. It is a highly technical environment where very high temperatures play an important role besides high speed mechanics. Some white powders (sand, soda, limestone) go in and a clear transparent product in the form of a bottle or a vase comes out. 

A Swarovski figurine

A Burgundy glass of the Sommeliers collection
(Riedel Glas Austria)

The glassware industry is an established bulk industry with a long and interesting history.
At this site we try to reveal some of the wonders of the 'world of glassware' and also of the 'world of crystal'.
You'll find interesting stories about the companies that supply the world continuously with trendy, safe and useful products, products we can’t do without or don’t want to do without. 

It are interesting tales about extraordinary pioneers who have not only influenced the glass business but who changed the world in so many ways, like Daniel Swarovski, Michael Owens or Otto Schott. The stories also try to give an impression of what the companies nowadays produce and you'll find of course nice pictures of their products.
At Glassware Tales you find a selection of glassware companies and crystal ware companies from around the world. 
(See "World of Glassware" and "World of Crystal")

Colorful glassware of Pasabahce

Besides the glassware and crystal tales, which give you an insight in how the companies were founded and what they produce, this site also gives you information and answers to questions like ‘what is crystal?’ and ‘what is borosilicate glass?’. In these articles you will not only find an answer to these basic questions, but also extensive background information (See "What is....". )

I really hope that you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

If you have any comments or if you have interesting additional information then please send it to me (contact us) so I can update the information on this site.
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World of Glassware

Enjoy reading about the glassware companies below. All of them have a rich history and are worthwhile reading about. You will also see some of their products:

World of Crystal

The world famous crystal manufacturers you can find here and some interesting smaller companies. Read their story and see their magnificent products:

wine glass with picture and colored stem
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