Wine glass with printed picture
This new technique makes it possible to print pictures and other images
on all glass and crystal products

It is an inexpensive technique which does not involve expensive equipment or any expensive utilities.

The heart of the development is a special coating for glass, invisible to the eye, which makes it possible to have images with vibrant, transparent colors in high contrast and good resolution on any glass or crystal surface.

Since the images are smoothly 
inside the top layer of the glass, the images are dish wash proof, solvent proof, scratch resistant and food safe.

Costs are about 0.10 usd to coat and print an average drinking glass or a trophy, and not more than 2 usd per square meter for flat glass items.

For more information, email me about your specific application:

shot glasses with various images


The glass product is coated with this special coating. The coating is cured at a low temperature for a short time, after which the coating is bonded to the glass surface.
The cured coating can absorb sublimation ink to such an extent that images can be created on glass in vibrant, transparent colors with a good resolution and in high contrast.
The images are first printed on ordinary paper and then transferred from the paper to the glass at a low temperature and in just a few minutes.
-amazingly simple to make amazingly beautiful glassware-


All glass and crystal products!!!!

- Glass drinkware: wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, shot
                             glasses, beer mugs, beer glasses on foot, coffee
                             mugs, martini glasses, milk shake glasses, etc. 
- Glass Vases and decorative glass items
- Glass and Crystal Trophies
- Doors, Windows, Glass Dividers
- Glass plates for Wall Decoration
- Glass Signs
- Car Windscreens and side and rear windows
- Mirrors
- Bottles for Beverage and Perfume
- Glass tabletops and other glass furniture
- and more..............

Perfume bottle with a printed picture


This new technique can be used by glassware factories as a new style of decoration and for customized orders. 
Glassware wholesalers and glassware decorators can use the technique to put logos on glassware and pour lines on wine glasses and customization.
Glass furniture manufacturers, decorative glass companies can easily use it on their flat glass for less than 2 usd per square meter!!!!!

All people who like to make nice gifts can use the technique also, since there are no high investments involved.

Email me and ask for more information for your specific application: