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Consultant for Glass Decoration Technology

Hello, my name is Raj Persad and I am a Consultant for Glass Decoration Technologies.
Through my work I visited numerous glass factories throughout the world over the last fifteen years. 

I got fascinated how glassware manufacturers, through good times and hard times, are always able to supply us this endless stream of new products. Products, always in trendy designs and colors and all that for a very reasonable price. 
Reading a little bit more about the backgrounds of these companies, about the people who have founded these companies and people who have played an interesting roll in the “world of glassware’, I only got more fascinated. 

Recently I thought it would be a good idea to write down the interesting stories of the glass factories, so other people could also enjoy the information about these companies and the people behind it. 
So here it is. Enjoy reading!   Back to the Top
Hand painted party champagne flute

My work is about decorating glassware. I sell a special glass paint with outstanding properties and this has given me the opportunity to visit many glassware factories. 

Besides the paint I am also specialized in silver coatings on glass, painting glassware with gold and platinum, painting with lustre paints, acid etching of glassware and 3D subsurface laser engraving.
If you want to read more about these decorating techniques and the special glass paints then please have a look at my website for glass decoration: www.princessglassworld.com
At that site you can also see nice pictures of painted glassware. 

Spray painted perfume bottle

I am Dutch (Amsterdam, 1963) but currently I am living in the Philippines.