On the tropical bounty island of Boracay in the Philippines, we make our colorful 'One Stone Design' glassware. 
It is very inspirational to work with colors in an environment with a turquoise ocean, a shining white beach and waving green coconut trees against a clear blue sky.  

Have a look in our Colored Glass Shop and we hope that you enjoy our creations. We have glassware for every budget.

We also engrave and etch names and logos and it is also possible to combine the coloring technique with the new technique for making pictures on glass.

Worldwide delivery and we make sure it will not break on the way to you.  



Wine Glass 'Beach Time'  16oz. / 475ml

Wine Glass 'Beach Time'

    Set of 2:


Tall Wine Glass  with  black foot,  blue stem and green bowl

for Glassware

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care for this glassware. 

Water Goblet  'Ocean Breeze'   11.5oz. / 340ml

Water Goblet 'Coco Tropical'


  Set of 4:


Black stem, with colored bowl.
Available colors (bowl):
 sky blue,  apple green
 pink  and  lemon yellow

Ice Coupe 'Boracay'

Ice Coupe "Boracay"

   Set of 2:


 available in the colors:
 sky blue,  apple green,
 orange and lemon yellow

Wine Glass 'Tuxedo on the Beach'  16oz. / 475ml

Wine Glass 'Tuxedo on the Beach'

      set of 4:


Black stem + foot and colored bowl.
Available colors (bowl):
Orange, Lemon Yellow
Pink,   Apple Red