Depression Glass, the popular collectors item!

While surfing on the internet you see many times the term ‘Depression Glass’. This is not another technical term which has to do with glass production but it is the name for glass produced in a certain era: The era around the Great Depression.

Like in the recent depression in 2008 (till now), during the Great Depression many people lost their jobs, went bankrupt and had to live from little but nothing and so life was for many people really depressing.
It were in fact the glass factories, like Anchor Hocking, Federal Glass, Blenko Glass, Fenton glass and at least 20 more, who made life a little bit more cheerful in these days by selling colorful and nicely patterned glassware for very affordable prices.

A plate from the very popular series Princess Glassware (Anchor Hocking)

These glassware manufacturers were all situated in the mid-west of the United States and they had the advantage that power was cheap there and they had the raw materials in abundance. 
This mass-produced glassware, produced from the end of the twenties until the early forties we call nowadays Depression Glass

Depression Glassware was very cheap in shops. This glassware was also found as premiums in almost all oatmeal boxes as well as in detergent boxes. It was even presented as action offerings at gasoline stations and movie theatres. Colored glass was hot at that time!     Back to the Top

The famous cherry blossom pattern (Jeannette Glass Company)

People were collecting Depression Glassware to get a complete diner set in the same color and the same pattern, which was something which was before the Great Depression only affordable for the rich.

Today this glassware is collected again, under the name Depression Glass. It is not really the beauty of the item which makes collectors search the whole world for it. It is the rich history which sticks to each piece giving Depression Glassware a more spiritual value rather than only a piece of decoration.
In fact, Depression Glassware are not pieces of art like other glass or crystal collector’s items. The glassware shows a lot of flaws and is of a rather poor quality showing air bubbles, heavy mold marks, unclear parts inside the glass, etc. 
Collectors love Depression Glass because of the before mentioned values history, nostalgy and simple beauty. 
A bowl in 'pink candy' of the Manhattan series (Anchor Hocking)

Collecting Depression Glass is all about the colors and the patterns. Originally the glassware was produced in many colors like amber, green, blue, yellow, just clear but also opaque blue, opaque white and black. The most popular colors nowadays are the pink, the green, cobalt blue and the clear.
There are more than a hundred different patterns produced at that time. Some of the famous patterns are Mayfair, American Sweetheart, Princess and Cherry Blossoms and all of them were produced in different colors.    
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A pink plate of the Coronation series (Anchor Hocking)