The Fascinating World of Crystal!

In the World of Crystal we focus at companies who use crystal to make their products.
You'll find interesting background information about these companies, who are involved in fashion jewellery, crystal figurines, crystal chandeliers, trophies, corporate gifts and fine crystal table ware. 

Who doesn't think about Swarovski in connection with crystal? But there are many more crystal ware companies like Preciosa with their beautiful crystal chandeliers, fashion jewellery and crystal figurines and a company like Artel with very artistic crystal ware and not to forget Lalique and Baccarat! All companies who's products are made from crystal. 

Boa Vase by Lalique

But what is crystal?
According to the European Union the newest definition of crystal is:
"A high quality glass which must have a refractive index of at least 1.520 and a density of at least 2.45 kg/l."
(The refractive index is a measurement for the 'sparkle'.)

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Important to note is that in this definition the word "lead" is not present. Lead used to be the value determining component in crystal: the more lead the higher value the crystal. But lead fell in disgrace when people realized that the poisonous led could leach out from the glass in their drinks. The value which was assigned to the lead content in glass had mostly to do with the 'sparkle' which lead gives to lead crystal. Lead does in fact more than that, it also makes the glass softer and therefor easier to cut and polish.

Swarovski Limited Editions of 2012 
The companies in this section use mostly lead crystal for their products which, by the way, doesn't  imply a health hazard because the products are not used for food. The relatively soft lead crystal can be very good cut and polished and together with the extraordinary sparkle, it makes lead crystal the ideal raw material for cut crystal vases and tableware, jewellery stones and chandelier pendants. In this section you'll find some selected crystal ware companies who have perfected the craft of transforming the material lead crystal into something special.

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