Lalique, Crystal Art for Crystal Lovers!

Lalique stands for exclusive crystal products. Although Lalique products can be seen all over the world, for instance in their own shops at various locations. 
Each product is handmade at their own factory in France. 

The founder Rene Lalique

The products of Lalique range from tableware to enormous fountains, from doorknobs to architectural panels and from jewellery and perfume bottles to furniture.
And all these products breathe out the words timeless and great style.

The story of the company Lalique is inseperately connected to the story of the founder René Lalique. He was born in 1860 in Ay, the centre of the champaign production in France. 

René Lalique went to study in Paris at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs and afterwards he attended the Sydenham Art College in England, where his naturalistic approach to art was further developed. 
Back in Paris he started as a freelance artist for established jewellers as Cartier and Boucheron. In 1885 he opened his first own company where he further improved his skills to become a famous Nouveau Art jewellery designer and producer.    Back to the Top

Luxury perfume bottle LaliquedeLalique

In the beginning all his jewelery creations were made by the so called ‘Lost Wax’ technique. Then he started experimenting and used this same technique to create glass items like statues. These lost wax glass and crystal items have this soft satin look which gives the items a timeless character (see the picture to the left which shows this effect perfectly). The lost wax technique makes it also possible to show many fine details and that is something which can not be reached with other molding techniques. 

At the height of his career as a jewellery maker, when the whole world was running after his creations, René Lalique changed his focus to the production of glass objects.
From the world’s most celebrated jeweler he became now the greatest glass artist and manufacturer of glass art of his time.

Bracelet Ardente Saphir

The real start of his glass production was in 1905 when he started with designing perfume bottles for the perfume industry in Paris. 
From his workshop in Paris he had constantly to move over to larger facilities to meet the demands until a large factory was established in 1921 at Wingen-sur-Moder in Alsace-Lorraine, which is still in use by the company Lalique today. At that time his son Mark was already his closest associate in the company and in line with his father, Mark Lalique continued the company after the death of René Lalique in 1945.

Rene Lalique, the previous jeweler had made it to the world's greatest glass designer and his products were not only glass statues and perfume bottles but his work, which was all simply marked ‘Rlalique’, was also to be seen in large architectural projects all over the world. Walls of lighted glass and elegant coloured glass columns which filled the dining room and "grand salon" of the SS Normandie and the interior of St.Matthew's Church in Jersey, England, are some of the examples.     

100 Points wine tasting glass with typical Lalique touch

Champaign cooler Ganymede


Lalique Glassworks started by making perfume bottles and decorative art but soon after the start up also a vast array of useful products like vases, clocks, automobile mascots, stemware, bottles, jewellery and articles for the interior. 

After René, his son Mark Lalique and grand daughter Marie-Claude Lalique continued his work and made the company to what it is today.
Mark Lalique made one important change: To produce every item from high quality crystal. That was a very important change and makes Lalique nowadays one of the most popular crystal companies in the world. 

Sitting tiger with black enamel stripes

Although the company is no longer in the hands of the Lalique family, the company Lalique still produces the same line of products and each product is produced with the same dedication and eye for quality and design, as how it started in the beginning of the 20th century in Paris.