Swarovski, Leading the World of Crystal!

Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of cut crystal stones. 
Their products, loose stones, crystal objects, jewellery and accessories, are not only perfect in the sense of beauty and brilliance but also when it comes to the precision with which they have been made. This precision goes back to it’s founder Daniel Swarovski. 

Born in North Bohemia in 1862, Daniel Swarovski was well known with the business of cutting glass and crystal. His father owned a small glass cutting factory in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. As an aprentice he worked in several neighbouring crystal cutting companies.

Daniel Swarovski
really deserves a statue!

In 1883 Swarovski visited the “international Electricity Fair” in Vienna and got amazed by the, at that time, new possibilities of electricity. The idea to make a electrical machine to cut crystal came into his mind and after nine years of experimenting he finally could patent his extraordinary invention. With this machine Daniel Swarovski was able to semi automatically cut glass and crystal. The machine did the cutting with much more precision and at much higher speed than the manual cutting which was done at that time.

Daniel Swarovski moved in 1895 from Jablonec to Wattens in Austria to get rid of the competitors who of course were very curious of his technical developments. Jablonec was the world center for the production of glass and crystal fashion jewellery and all manufacturers were looking at each other even spying at each other.

Blue crystal jewellery stones

In Wattens, Austria, Daniel Swarovski and two business partners found a perfect location with enough water supply to power the factory. The company Swarovski was founded in 1895 in Wattens and besides cutting crystal, a lot of effort was done to improve the production of the raw material crystal. By 1913 Daniel Swarovski and his three sons succeeded in making flawless crystal which was then cut into the precious facetted crystal jewellery stones for which the company is still famous today.

Paris, France, had been from the start the market and focus of Swarovski.
Famous fashion designers immediately recognised the importance of the products of Daniel Swarovski for their business and the jewellers were very eager to buy the Swarovski jewellery stones. 
Swarovski bear figurine

The company developed more than only flawless and precise cut crystal jewellery stones and beads.
Swarovski is also the leading supplier for innovative solutions in grinding, cutting, drilling and polishing, of glass and crystal, under the name Tyrolit. Besides that, Swarovski developed advanced road safety products which are now sold under the name Swareflex and through Swarovski Optik they became a world leading supplier of precision optical instruments. 

It was only in 1965 that Swarovski started to use their cut crystals for lamps and later for the famous crystal figurines. In 1977 Swarovski started to make their own fashion jewellery.  

Swarovski Jewellery

Cut crystal stones have always attracted people because of their brilliance. It doesn't matter if it is for jewellery, chandeliers, garments or figurines, the crystal makes it look chique.
The cut crystal stones are available in different colours. Sometimes they are made of colored crystal but many times a coating on the surface, colors the stone.

The designs of Swarovski figurines and jewellery are so precious to people that they have a 325,000 members fanclub: the Swarovski Crystal Society. It is the largest collector society in the world with members from 125 countries. The members can buy the annual editions of figurines which are produced in limited quantities.

Christmas Tinker Bell - Limited edition 2012

Swarovski has worldwide around 1300 boutiques where they sell their crystal products. 
Through acquisition of Schönbeck Worldwide Lightning in 2007, Swarovski became the world leader in the premium crystal chandelier sector. 

The amazing story of Swarovski will probably go on like this in the future. It is a company who, through innovations, will always be able to top the world ranking list of crystal companies.
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Swarovski stones are sometimes used for unexpected purposes!!!

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