The presentation of Moser Glassworks at the Fair in Frankfurt

When you walk in a specialized tableware shop, a big department store or on a trade fair you see the World of Glassware in all its splendor. It always amazes me how the designers of the glassware manufacturers come up with new ideas and how they keep ahead of the huge competition. 

Every glassware company has it's own look. Some are more specialized in wine glasses while others focus on bakeware. Tumblers, coffee mugs and shot glasses come in clear and screen printed versions. Other companies specialize in decorating their glassware with gold and again others show us their glassware in many different colors. 
The "Cubic" collection of the brand
Cristal d'Argues Paris of Arc International,
the largest glassware producer in the world

As a consumer you just buy the items what you like, but what most people don't realize is that the glass where they are drinking from, actually has gone through a long process of production and designing, stringent quality control and distribution before it ends up on the table.
Millions of employees worldwide, work day and night in these companies and still the glassware manufacturers are able to make these special products for a fairly low price. It's amazing!

Workers in 1908 in an Indiana Glass Works

The articles in this section give you interesting background information about some selected glassware companies from all continents. Information about when and how these glassware manufacturers were founded and of course a look at their range of products.
The giant industry leaders are present but you can also find information about very interesting smaller glassware companies.

Check out these featured glassware companies:                
                                                                                                    Arc International - France
                                                                                Riedel Glas Austria - Austria
                                                                                Zwiesel Kristallglas - Germany
                                                                                Huafu Glassware - China
                                                                                Egermann - Czech Republic
                                                                                Guajuye - Mexico
                                                                                Anchor Hocking - USA
                                                                                Moser - Czech Republic
                                                                                Pasabahce - Turkey

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