Guajuye, Nostalgic Glassware From Mexico!

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In the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, don Javier Alvarez Domenzain founded Guajuye. It was the first blown glass factory of central Mexico.

For over twenty five years Guajuye has delivered glassware characterized by both quality, beauty and uniqueness and these trademarks have set Guajuye at the position of the first choice for blown glassware in Mexico. 

The company is already for more than ten years under the management of Juan Jose Alvarez, the son of the founder. 

Guajuye - Masters of Colored Glassware
Masters of colored glassware

Today the company has still the same attitude as in it’s beginning years: a continuous drive to optimize the technology of the production and the quality of the products. The process starts at the Development and Design department where professional designers and craftsmen are working together transforming any concept or idea into a practical or decorative piece that meets the most exclusive and demanding tastes and needs.

Guajuye is oriented towards the creation of new concepts that allow the translation of the feelings and essence of the crafts’ artists into beautiful pieces that enhance every environment.

Blue Guajuye tumblers
Blue Guajuye tumblers

The products of Guajuye are in perfect match with the nostalgic colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. The picturesque cobblestone streets and colonial architecture have inspired generations of artists. The products of Guajuye represent this colonial style so well, that the products transform every environment and they bring that special nostalgic atmosphere which works perfect with modern design as well as classic design. 

Nostalgic Carafe with Glasses - Guajuye Style!
Nostalgic carafe with glasses

Guajuye makes their glass out of recycled glass and they master the skills to transform this material into classy products. Every day 3500kg of recycled glass is melted and the craftsmen form it with different techniques into vases, tableware, stemware, serveware, barware and candle stands. The craftsmen also master very well the technique of making colored glass and besides that they also have several decoration techniques like silverizing, etching and sandblasting to their disposal.

The products of Guajuye can be found all over the world. Although the products of Guajuye can be found in many chique interiors, (just watch the home interiors on american television), the company has always managed to bring their products on the market for friendly prices.

Typical Mexican Marguerita Glass
Typical Marguerita glass

The company has a modern infrastructure and is able to deliver to all markets no matter how stringent the import rules are. Their quality assurance makes sure that all products are in compliance with the laws of other countries. It is therefore that among the clients of Guajuye one can find exclusive international firms like Crate and Barrel, Sack’s and Marshall Field.

Guajuye is a typical Mexican company which combines the modern world with the old colonial traditions. The Guajuye products are truly nostalgic eye catchers.

Ruby Red Tumblers and Water Goblet
Ruby red tumblers