Who says Glass Bakeware, says Anchor Hocking!

The most famous factory world wide for glass bakeware is Anchor Hocking. One can assume that every household in the United States has one or more pieces of glassware made by Anchor Hocking. 
They are famous for their glass bakeware or ovenware but Anchor Hocking also produces glass storageware, servingware, candle containers, lighting components and some other glass products. 

Anchor Hocking bakeware

The Hocking Glass company was founded in 1905 by I.J. Collins and E.B.Good. The present factory is still located at the spot where they first started in Lancaster, Ohio, just about 50km south from Columbus. But the story of Anchor Hocking is more complicated. One could also say it started in 1863 when Pancoast and Craven started with their bottles and jars production. The history of Anchor Hocking is in fact a whole range of acquisitions and fusions eventually leading to the proud company it is now. 
Interesting is that the name ‘Hocking’ comes from the Hocking River which was situated next to the factory. The name ‘Anchor Hocking’ comes form the fusion, in 1937, of the Hocking Glass Company and the Anchor Caps and Closure Corporation in.

Anchor Hocking beer glasses

From that time on Anchor Hocking was known as a popular glassware manufacturer. In 1938 they started the production of Royal Ruby glass which came in all kind of forms and shapes and which are still famous glassware pieces among the Depression Glass collectors.  This Depression Glass was not only made by Anchor Hocking but also by many other factories in the Mid-west of the US from about 1920 till the early fourties.  Read here more about Depression Glass.

Anchor Hocking is a leading manufacturer, designer and marketer of quality consumer products that it sells to retail and hospitality customers and to original equipment manufacturers. The customers of Anchor Hocking can be found everywhere around the world.
In the United States, Anchor Hocking is the second largest supplier of glassware.
Famous foreign brands like Stölzle, stemware and barware, are exclusively distributed by Anchor Hocking in the United States. 

Wine glass (Stolzle)

Talking about Anchor Hocking and bakeware there is one issue that has been falsely reported in several internet reports and stories about Anchor Hocking. There are still some people who believe that bakeware is always made out of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is also known as heat resistant glass (read here more about borosilicate glass). 
Well these people are totally wrong.  All U.S.-manufactured glass bakeware regardless of the manufacturer, and also the ovenware from many leading companies outside the US, are made out of tempered soda-lime-silicate (= normal glass). Tempered soda-lime-silicate is strong and very durable, it breaks into relatively small pieces (some may be larger) generally lacking sharp edges and shards when it does break. Anchor Hocking has been manufacturing tempered soda-lime-silicate bakeware for almost 30 years and one can say that they have done a lot of pioneering work in this field and hence their own quality is good.
Anchor Hocking’s thermally-strengthened soda-lime-silicate glass bakeware is fully suitable and safe for oven use.   

Anchor Hocking serveware

Moreover, Anchor Hocking started producing thermally-strengthened soda-lime-silicate glass bakeware because of environmental considerations. With respect to the environment, Anchor Hocking is totally in compliance. It’s not a matter of ‘being in compliance’ with the stringent US-laws but it’s a commitment of each and every Anchor Hocking employee to take the initiative. The glassware of Anchor Hocking does not contain lead or any other materials that are harmful to your health.

When thinking about decorating glassware, people think mostly of wine glasses (stemware), vases, tumblers and votives. But serveware and bakeware can also be nicely decorated as can be seen from the picture above, where the rim of Anchor Hocking serveware was painted with transparent colors. Back to he Top

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