World's number one tableware manufacturer is Arc International from France!

Arc International is situated in Arques, a small town in the north of France, between Calais and Lille. Arc International produces more than six million pieces per month in six production sites, including two in France and one each in the United States, Spain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and China. 

It all started 1826 when two relatively young glass companies, only resp. three and one year old, decided to merge into one company, Verrerie des Sept Ecluses, with it’s base in Arques. In 1892 the name was changed into Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques.

 In 1897 George Durand became the manager of the company and in1916 he became the owner. The family Durand is up to today still the owner of Arc International

"Cassandra" glassware from the 
Cristal d'Argues Paris collection

The company stayed a relatively small company until Jacques Durand took over the management in 1927. From that moment on the glass manufacturer from Arques was bound for the number one spot on the ranking of world largest glass manufacturers.

After a business trip to the US in 1930, Jacques Durand  modernized the factory with a tank furnace, automatic press machines and the first automatic blowing machines. In 1960 Arc International implemented the automatic production of glass stemware followed by the unique process for automatic production of crystal stemware. These developments boosted the sales of the company dramatically and changed the world since stemware and crystal ware, became now available for all households.

Jacques Durand led his company from a small France oriented company to a huge world wide operating glass company which could proudly say that they were world’s number one.

An impression of the 
Chef&Sommelier collection

After Jacques Durand died in 1997, his son Phillipe took over the management of Arc International.

Philippe Durand managed the company into the 21st century. He continued the work of his father and added other production locations around the world. Then he reorganized the worldwide distribution system by purchasing most of their former distributors. Next he built up the brands portfolio and did some interesting acquisitions like Pyrex for the European, African and Middle East markets, Mikasa and Salviati. 
When he died, too young, in 2007 the company was ready for the rest of the 21st century.

Lately Arc International decided to change back to their core businesses, the development and production of glass and ceramic materials.
So they stepped away from direct sales and sold Mikasa at the end of 2010.

The funny Luminarc Curl

Arc International conquered the world with their famous brands Luminarc, Arcoroc, Crystal d'Arques Paris, Longchamps, Salviati, Pyrex, Chef & Sommellier and the fine crystal brand J. G. Durand. 
Arc International put some evergreens in the kitchens like the very succesful '10-sided working glass' and beauty's like the 'luminarc curl series'. 

The famous "10 sided working glass"

The company has always been very busy developing new materials. 
In 2005 it launched the material Kwarx. This glasslike material is a combination of glass and crystal. It has the looks of crystal and the toughness of glass. The material is so pure that it doesn’t have any colour. The chemical resistancy is so good that the glass will not be affected by dishwashing up to 2000 cycles!

Kwarx is used to produce the Chef & Sommeliers brand. Chef&Sommelier is the brand which is specialized to make excelent wine tasting expirience glasses. Chef&Sommelier is a brand for the real wine professionals.

Arc International introduced another special material: Zenix. This opaque glasslike porcelain material is so strong that even cutlery can not scratch it and it has magnificent shock resistant properties. Some products from the Arcoroc and Luminarc series are made out of Zenix, but the brands have also a lot of glassware made out of the good old soda-lime glass. Who has never drank a cup of tea from the famous brown Luminarc glass cups?

Good old Luminarc cup

The newest pearl out of the kitchen of the Arc International  research laboratories is Diamax. This new glass type, Diamax, is the ultimate alternative to lead crystal. 
Diamax is used for the products from the prestigous brand Cristal d'Argues Paris.
And these new developments will surely not be the last developments that Arc International will treat the world with.