Huafu Glassware, Top Quality From China!

Huafu Glassware factory

Established in 1954, Huafu Glassware is one of the leading glassware manufacturers and exporters in China.

Huafu has grown from a state-owned factory with 85 staff to a joint-stock group with nowadays a yearly turnover of more than twenty million dollars.
The company started with producing oil lamps, bottles and quartz tubes. In the eighties of the last century Huafu started the production of stemware and tumblers. They have spent a lot of effort to modernize their production facilities and the result is that nowadays they produce more than 60 tons of glass per day! 

Currently the factory has 4 electronic furnaces for clear glass and 10 small ones for colored glass. The production capacity is 1.2 million pieces per month which makes the delivery date to be assured. 

The Basic Collection

Their long existance as an innovative glassware manufacturer in China also makes Huafu Glassware an important player in the Chinese glassware industry. The drive that Huafu Glassware has to improve production and quality, while taking good care for the environment, has made Huafu Glassware a model company for the Chinese glassware industry. 

Huafu Glassware has implemented the following key operational standards: 

- Quality and Management ISO9001:2000
- Employment and Safety GB/T28001:2001
- Environment ISO14001:2004

Factory audits of well-known European and American glassware importers have always been successful and that has led to long term relationships, based on trust, with those companies. 

Cocktail glasses of the Speckle Collection

With the purpose to share more profits and providing their clients with better service, Huafu started the attempt to transit part of its business from OEM to OBM business. In 2009 the first collection of Huafu brand products (Speckle collection) was born and immediately gained great success during the 106th Canton Fair. Today the Speckle Collection exists of a wide range of stemware, tumblers and carafes.

Both the new products and the new business mode were rated highly by clients. In 2010 Huafu reached the number of 6 exclusive distributors for the Huafu brand in 8 countries, and the total sales quantity up to 800,000pcs.

Marguerita glasses with funny colored rim

Huafu Glassware produces a wide range of glassware. Among their products are stemware and tumblers, decanters, vases, beer mugs and candleholders. Especially their stemware are of a great quality and style. 

These products are not only available as clear glass items but in their workshop they have a wide array of value-adding decoration techniques. Huafu Glassware was the first Chinese company to produce gold and color decorated products and at present they can produce more than 12,000 different products made with many kinds of artistic handcrafting techniques. 

Glassware with nice lustre color

We can only say that importers and retailers from wherever in the world should have a good look at this amazing Chinese company which stands voor quality and innovation.
For an impression of the wide variety of products that Huafu Glassware makes, you can have a look at their catalogue.