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The three logos of the Pasabahce brands:

Pasabahce is a glassware manufacturer which is part of the Sisecam Group. The Sisecam Group started in 1935 with the production of glass, in the district of Paşabahçe, a part of Istanbul in Turkey. The plant in Paşabahçe was actually the first glass factory in Turkey and was so successful that already in the first year it was able to supply the entire country’s demand of bottles and glassware. 

The Sisecam group expanded quickly in the first decades of its' existance and was organized into four divisions: flat glass, packaging glass, glass tableware and chemicals. The tableware division, the company which is featured here on this page, carries the name Paşabahçe Glass Industry and Trade Inc., in short PASABAHCE

Pasabahce brand glassware

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During the 1960s and the 1970s Pasabahce became an international operating company and in the 1980s and 1990s, the company started with the production of machine made stemware and hand blown crystal. In the beginning of the 2000s Pasabahce put itself strongly to the third position in the world of glassware producers, a position they didn’t give up until today. 
F&D brand glassware

In the rest of the first decade of this century, the company established sales companies throughout the world, kept on enlarging and renewing the production facilities, added a decoration department to their R&D and put their own lead-free crystal in the market. 

One of the key factors which made it possible for Pasabahce to grow from a relatively small local producer to an established world market player, is their effort to implement all new technologies, via their R&D-department, into their production processes. Another key factor is of course the marketing. Pasabahce attacks the markets from within by putting up sales offices at strategic locations throughout the world.
Located at the boundaries of Europe worked also well for the company because it could be very competitative on the European market.
Vase (Denizli brand)

The glassware of Pasabahce is of a good quality and available worldwide for very reasonable prices. 
The main brands of Pasabahce are: Denizli, Fine&Durable and Pasabahce

Pasabahce and Denizli

'Pasabahce' is the company’s soda lime glass brand. In the Pasabahce product range one can find all thinkable drink ware, a wide range of table top glassware and also some kitchenware. The products are machine made by blowing or pressing and are produced in large volume.
The quality of this glassware is very good. The interesting fact, of their collection of stemware and tumblers, is that they have chique styles and simple styles but all of the same quality.

In the last years their color painted glassware has it's own brand, Pasabahce Workshop. This collection has tableware of all kinds which are sometimes totaly colored and sometimes have only a color accent, but always with bright transparent and modern colors.
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Colored stemware (Pasabahce Workshop)

Pasabahce started as a factory where glass was hand made. This tradition is continued under the brand Denizli. Denizli is an assortment of beautiful artistic glassware made out of crystal. The products are drink ware, vases, bowls, oil lamps, carafes, pitchers and more. Each item is specially designed by their own team of top glassware designers and further produced by skilled craftsmen. 
The worldwide admired collection of Denizli comprises of almost 25000 varieties, putting Denizli in the top of this segment of the glassware industry.

Pressed tumblers-Prizma series
 (Pasabahce brand)


The new lead-free crystal products from Pasabahce are sold under the name of Fine&Durable, in short f&d (speak out as ‘effendi’). 
This new material is very strong and has the sparkle of crystal. This material, from the kitchen of their own R&D, is also very good resistant against corrosion by the aggressive dish wash detergents and withstands 2000 cycles in a dish washer without the surface being affected.

F&D glassware looks as if they are all hand made, but in fact most of them are produced in an ultra modern automatic process. The beautiful stemware are eye catchers, but also the vases, tumblers and hand made carafes are very beautiful pieces of glassware.
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