Zwiesel Kristallglass, a German giant with a big name in the World of Glassware!

Zwiesel Kristallglas based in Zwiesel, Bavaria, a province of Germany, is famous for their three brands:             
                                            Schott Zwiesel
                                            Zwiesel 1872 
                                            Jenaer Glas 

Like most of the German glassware manufacturers, the story of Zwiesel Kristallglas is also strongly connected to the history of glass.
It all started in 1872, when Anton Müller founded a commercial glassworks foundary at his parents’ estate in Zwiesel. After the company was sold to the Tasche brothers from Cologne, the company gained success as a producer of colored glassware.
WWI and the Great Depression in 1929 made the company become a part of the Schott & Associates company in Jena.

Glassware from the brand Schott Zwiesel

Then WWII came, again everything was turned upside down for the company, Jena is situated in former Eastern Germany and the allied forces didn't want all the glass knowledge to come into the hands of Russia. So the new main office, of the Schott Group, was established in 1952 in Mainz, a city in then Western Germany. The factory in Zwiesel came back to life again and focused on the production of crystal glassware.

Efforts to keep in track with the competitors led to the implementation of the automated crystal stemware production in 1961. This was a huge success and the company became a big name in the household glass branch, still as a part of the Schott Group.
In the beginning of this century the glass works in Zwiesel separated from the Schott Group and became Zwiesel Kristallglass.   Back to the Top

This series "Jubile" from the Living Collection is a limited edition for their 140st anniversary (Zwiesel 1872 brand)

To complement their own production for household glassware Zwiesel Kristallglas also was able to trade the products from the brand Jenaer glas, from the old factory in Jena. 
Jenaer Glas has a wide range of heat resistant household glassware. In fact it was in Jena that the first ever heat-resistant glass was invented by Otto Schott.
(Find here more info on borosilicate glass and Otto Schott.)

Besides an outstanding quality, design is also an important ingredient for the Jenaer Glas products. Making the brand not just a glass oven and bakeware company, but instead a company which has glass for the kitchen and the table in style.

Zwiesel Kristallglas in general has established a name in the high end sector for glassware.
Zwiesel 1872 is the brand which brings mouth blown articles made in the tradition where the company actually started with in 1872. The brand has two pillars: The Gourmet collection and the Living collection. 

Glassware from the Jenaer Glass brand

The Gourmet collection is all about wine. Craftmanship in combination with top designers make this fine glassware a real pleasure for the wine drinker.
Where the Gourmet collection is made out of clear glass, the Living collection uses colored glass.
(Read more about colored glass.) 
The range of products of Zwiesel 1872 is all about wine glasses, glass vases, tumblers, votives, etc., all made by hand besides the glass furnaces in Zwiesel. 

The third brand, Schott Zwiesel, is the glassware that has become well known in the hospitality industry for their beauty and toughness. Zwiesel Kristallglas has been busy for the last twenty years, to find alternatives for lead crystal, the material which was always connected to the quality of their products through brilliance and clarity. (Read more about crystal)  
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The series "Hommage Carat" of the Gourmet Collection
(Zwiesel 1872 brand)

In 1991 the company already changed the production towards lead-free glass, but  

2002 was the year that Zwiesel Kristallglas hit the jackpot with the development of the new material ‘Tritan’. All Schott Zwiesel glassware is made out of this Tritan which combines beauty with toughness. The glasses are very endurable and can’t be scratched or chemically attacked by agressive dish wash detergents. Tritan is also a very strong glass type and, althoug the Schott Zwiesel glasses are thin blown and slim stemmed, the breakage rate dropped at least 40% and that was warmly welcomed by the hospitality branch. 

Zwiesel Kristallglas has become a world player in the world of glassware. The company is almost everywhere present with own sales and marketing firms like in Japan, the US, India and China. 

For a good impression of the beauty of the "Gourmet Collection" and the "Living Collection" click here and have a look at these exquisite Zwiesel 1872 products. Back to the Top